Who's locking for Opal Blake?

Outside of Opal Giannis I can see Opal Blake being the most dominant PF for a while. I’m 99% sure I’m locking in for Opal Blake since I probably won’t be getting Giannis with The Show '19 on the horizon. Who else is looking to lock in Mr. Brick Brick himself?

No use for Kobe or Shaq so nah

I most likely will. Need AD kevin and larry. Hoping ad drops at some point

i have all the cards except for shaq and the two that aren’t released yet. Going to sell off everything i can and just grind triple threat after i get carmelo sunday to have enough for the next 2 cards

i need ad to drop aswell

i should’ve bought shaq when he was going for 150k :expressionless:

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I would consider it if they did superpacks with acceptable odds and the locker code as with series 1. But as is, it’s just too much MT to lock up and I already did series 1, so I feel like I’m pretty set for most of the year already. Would rather use the MT to just plug guys into my team for a few games and then try someone else.

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I will only lock in for Blake if there’s at least one more solid card in the GO token market by then (so, 2-3 weeks from now). Blake will be great but if you’re gonna lock this series, you might as well lock series 1 and 3 and get the 3,000 tokens for four more galaxy opals.

Ideally I’m not locking in anything and I can sell all of my unwanted cards when I get Giannis… including Anniversary cards like LeBron, Kobe.

Im definitely locking in. I used the PD for soo long, i can only imagine the GO verison.

what other opal that might, other than AD, can do it all? unless we get a better porzingis or opal garnett gets a better release, there isn’t that many great options at PF

I’m considering it. Def locking he has 1 hof defensive badge.