Who's Gonna Be The Best First Year Rookie?

In terms of their first year impact and overall game who’s gonna be the best rookie next year? Plus who’s gonna be a dark horse down in the late picks who you think will suprise, kind of like a Donovan Mitchell type year?

I personally don’t think Zion is gonna be the ROTY next year, he will be great just not the best.

I think Rui Hachimura will be a really good player for the Wizards and if he’s defense can translate to the NBA he will be an unreal pick for Washington.

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Ja Morant :innocent:

Assuming the Celtics don’t add a crazy PF free agent, I think Grant Williams could be a surprise. Blurb:

Celtics coach Brad Stevens said he “couldn’t be more impressed” when he sat down with Grant Williams.

“Super smart, a guy I kind of look at as a guy with a point guard’s mind,” Stevens said. “You can run offense through him at the elbows and on the block, at the top of the key. He thinks the game. He’s a tough, tough guy. And he’s a versatile player who can shoot the ball. He can shoot it from three – they didn’t need him to do that, but his shot looks good, and that will be a pretty easy transition for him, and again, very intelligent.” One of the best pure basketball players in this class, Williams was a stat stuffer at Tennessee and could be asked to contribute right away on a team that is preparing to lose both Kyrie Irving and Al Horford.

Zion rookie of the year by a landslide.



Anyone who says anyone besides Zion hasn’t been paying attention.

Lmao I’m pretty sure everyone knows what Zion is capable of but that doesn’t mean he’s a shoe in for ROTY. Ja and RJ will have total control of their teams and could both possibly average 20+. I’m going with Ja myself

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Romeo Langford

tacko fall

Lol yall should have drafted Clarke , Romeo would have slid. Grant game isn’t built for the league.

Zion and his. 45 inch vertical. All this talk about him being this or that nah man this dude is gonna be solid.

what do you think of the celtics getting carsen edwards

Michael Porter Jr. :smirk::wink:

I think RJ will have more opportunities in his rookie season


Nassir Little.

But in all seriousness, Zion. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Ja took it.

:joy::joy: Ben Simmons 2.0

Zion’s gonna have enough troubles being the best young player on his own team let alone in the league.

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Zion putting up Luka type numbers.

22 9 5

Ingram’s on a contract year if I’m not mistaken. Zion gonna get half the touches RJ will. Zion will probably have double the fg% though

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Zion has way better talent around him. I don’t see RJ having a great rookie year at all but he will eventually be an All Star.

I want Bol Bol to win it.
Zion will win it.