Who's getting MIP?

D Lo getting the nets to the playoffs helps his case.
Zach Lavine has been killing it this year stats wise.
There’s also Siakam who’s been unreal.

Who you got?

I think Siakam will get it

Dloading or Siakam

Lavine’s improvement has been pretty good this year


Pascal for sure. Huh @raptorsbenchmob

Dlo easily

Dlo probably, innefficient 15 ppg scorer to the guy on a playoff team

I’ve got it Lavine-D Lo-Siakam in order but I can see how you guys are giving it to D Lo I just don’t think they car that much about winning for the award.

I think D’Lo will get it because he gets more press. I think Siakam deserves it more. Siakam improved a lot more. D’Lo improved, but he was already solid.

In the same sense though Lavine improved more than both of them, had big games it’s just the poor bastard plays on the Bulls plus he gets no press.

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Is it possible to have a Co-MIP?

DLO DLO even tho a pd Pascal would be dirty


PASCAL easily , last week pascal proved why he was mip when he faced DLO

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Fair point, but LaVine was no slouch before either. Pascal basically went from bench player to clear-cut starter. And on a good team too.

Gotta be Siakam or DLo

Maybe this is a writer-voted award. ESPN writers polled gave it to Siakam


Dlo pascal improved a ton but dlo got his team out of the hole of being the laughing stock of the league

I think that russell was already a decent player

Could already shoot 3s. Never known as a great defender
Has gotten a great opportunity to step into the number 1 go to go and he has thrived.
Siakam literally COULDNT shoot 3s. Defenses would sag off him everytime daring him to shoot

This year he has improved as a 3pt shooter. Shooting EXCELLENT from the corner. Has improved in every asset of his game. Playmaking. Shot making. Iso basketball. And his defensive capabilities really make the difference for me. Siakam can excel on both ends of the floor. D lo cant. Not his game. Which is fine

But these siakam numbers are pretty crazy


22 % to a reliable 36% from 3. Almost a full 10pt jump in pts per game

He went to a NOBODY to a key starter of a CONTENDING team. Lavine wont win. Team is ass. He didnt do enough. D lo MIGHT win. Because he literally took nets to the playoffs