Whos excited for their PD Vince Carter?

I can’t wait to see his stats on MTcentral. I still have amy Klay off the bench.

Game is dead so I’m not as excited as I should be. I’m more hype for Blake

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How come you’re hype about blake griffin then? I hope they have one more season to end the game so i can use him.

they should do one more season and make the prize a random pd. cause if not, aint no point in gettin vince if we cant even use em

Just to dick around in friendly games with him

Wont it be more fun to do that with vince ? Since hes guna be better i assume

I forgot who the reward was, maybe I’ll play more and try to get Blake!

I’m 5 thousand points away from him if that answers your question

I’ve used diamond Vince I can’t imagine there would be much of a difference that’s why I’m more excited for Blake although overall I’m not very excited at all

I’ll save you the trip to MT central. Look at PD Paul George n Tmac that’s what Vince stats will look like their also give him all the shooting badges that he don’t deserve as well


Pretty much. Every SF in this game is practically the same player just with different animations. I expect him to have unrealistic rebounding stats.

We can expect a giant head


Vince can’t be better than Dr. J. I don’t know what Carter can do that Julius can’t.

HoF Limitless is it lol.

Ah yeah. I almost forgot that’s a thing. I guess that’s the kicker. I won’t be getting him but I did manage to secure Blake

Doesn’t Dr have HOF limitless


Gold is good enough. It’s only a 6-7% increase from gold to HOF

The only HOF badge that is significant from gold to HOF is defensive stopper because you can drop badges further down but even with that defense doesn’t exist in 2k.

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Rim Protector too. It’s Defensive Stopper for finishing badges.

KD should’ve had it HoF over Defensive Stopper.