Who's Actually Going for Blake? Season 2 XP Grind Discussion

Edit: I guess im going for it for now - let’s use this thread to discuss season 2 xp grind :rofl:

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I am because there’s not much else to do in this game mode


Are his stats posted?

i’m going for it for now but will stop if i feel like i’m just making myself hate the game or if i am busy with school


Yeah - https://2kdb.net/player/2k21/blake-griffin/8145

He definitely would be a top tier 4/5 right now but they didn’t gas his stats enough imo.

If he had a 90+ 3pter id say he’s worth it. Still might be, but I feel like he isn’t a must have and there’s a good chance there will be similar cards when people are starting to get him


i wish he was unlimited because you could get him next week and have time by the time you gain 150 xp he may be outclassed

with that being said he still looks demonic man he can get qfs and range

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Me, although I’ll probably not even make it

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I’ll go for him but probs won’t get him lol

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Nah has to be a Giannis or a juiced base 98 card to get me grind it.

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That’s exactly how I feel. I hope that this stupid grind mode does not entice me into something like the Spotlights did last year.

Last year, I enjoyed grinding Spotlights except for the random pain in the neck challenges (like get a triple double with Isaiah or 5 steals with Iggy versus the Lebron/ DWade heat.

This year though, this season grind is not enjoyable at all as there are too many challenges that require stupid stuff like getting made free throws with players in Unlimited. Who wants to spend all day driving to the rim with Jimmy Butler in Unlimted just to get a card that will have an equivalent that costs 100K in the AH 2 weeks later? Not me!


I will be one of the first 25 in the world to get him.

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After missing out on Steph, I was prepared to go all in for this seasons reward until I found out it was Blake. I’m going for SGA, I’ll stop after that

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I think he’s going to be a glitch. Definitely going to be the best driving PF in the game by a mile. I’ll definitely grind for him but i won’t be bummed if i don’t get him. I honestly want Jaylen brown more.


My plan is to just do the easy xp challenges and only buy cheap cards for them.

I’m not planning on buying any cards above 100k bid or locking any sets for them.

Will just see how far I can get doing this.

I’m going for Blake ill probably get him in like the last week

Yeah I’m gonna take my time and not stress over the challenges I don’t feel like doing. If it’s anything like the last season, those challenges at the end of the season can get you to 150k easily, if you’ve at least put in a little effort. If I don’t get him then fuck it, but I definitely want to try SGA

Never liked him irl or ingame either so Im not gonna push it.
Still gonna play the game so xp will come naturally, who knows how close I will be at the end…

honestly just do the daily, moments and week xps and youll be good by the end of the month when its time to rent


fk it im going for blake.

dude should be useable until at least the end of season 3 so should be worth.