Who your back up PG?

Im running AMY Ben Simmons to start my 1 (thinking about selling him for whenever they drop a diamond lol) and AMY Magic to back em up not a huge fan of the magic card thinking about getting a guard to back up Ben, considering (DIA) Tony Parker

Michael Finley

98 Wade/96 oladipo

Westbrook or Dipo depending on the matchup


Diamond Westbrook all day… Best diamond PG in the game easily.

I still think Westbrook is the best diamond PG but u have to give that Baron Davis a go! He’s now worked his way to be my starting PG and can defend Lebron to an extent

Is Baron really that good? I need a new bench PG. Rn I have Pistol and while he’s a knockdown shooter, his shooting animation has a weird delay for him to set his feet or smth and it makes it slow. Kind of like Wes’. And his defense obviously isn’t the best. I have enough for Baron but was thinking of grinding some more for either diamond Mitchell/amy Simmons/D Westbrook. What do you guys think? I spent 60k on Porzingis, couldn’t resist it.

If u thinking about diamond TP you should really get him he’s playing really good for me and is a great option budget wise

Diamond Steph

Baron does everything, I would say he’s definitely similar to D Mitchell for a lot cheaper but D Mitchell stat wise is superior. Baron just feels more complete as a player. I run D Mitchell as well and they both play their roles well and I play them very similar too. But. Totally depends how u play, Westbrook can drive and get fast breaks better then any other pg if that’s what u want

Jerry West… Stuff all of you cheesers. My Jerry consistently locks up Giannis, Simmons, LeBron or whoever the hell else these cheese balls want to run at point. Runs the show really well, averages about 7 and 7 shooting over 70% from the field and 60% from 3. Solid, dependable, efficient, a PG. Ticks all the boxes.

Rondo/Dinwiddie ive sold dinwiddie prob 5 times but hes so good for me i always go back. My pgs gotta have hof dimer. Its op asf

You are right with that, I gotta admit when I was playing Westbrook a lot more, my shooters were hitting contested and open shots more often then at the moment.

Starting pg: diamond donovan
Bench: diamond harden