Who you got at PF?

I’ve got Gugliotta and LJ there right now. I know Blake is good but I don’t want to use him.

Side note…anyone use Blake at center?

Giannis and that baaaaaaad man Blake


Giannis and Blake, no to Blake @ C

I’ve user Blake at center held his ground vs multiple Kareems


Blake and Draymond Marc holds down the 5 for me no Blake @ 5

All of you should be ashamed, I got that cheesy Darius Miles at PF and Hedo as a backup PF

Btw, Darius Miles is a god at C for whatever reason

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never tried but the dumb cpu loved subbing him in at C with Timmy at PF lol

Antoine walker with shooting badges , Dantoni boosts and a 5 plus 3 ball shoe his release slept on athletic n can hold his own on d


They disrespected Antoine last yr. Barely got a decent card


I’m gonna try it out…I’ve used Googs at center off and on and he holds his own also. I’m thinking of using Googs and Blake at center with Giannis and LJ at PF.

To be fair, in 2k17

That Antoine Walker was a glitch at PG


Ruby Walker. One of the first good rewards from the collector grind


Yea bro give it a try if it ain’t Kareem he matches up pretty well vs any c since he has that vert,strength and great low post d

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Wait jk i forgot i switched giannis to be my point guard. I use AK at PF now

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I bought Antoine and really like him, just not sure where to fit him into my lineup.

I’m telling y’all need to try Darius Miles at C, he plays taller than his height suggests

Plus Darius has INSANE SPEED, ACCELERATION, AND SPEED WITH BALL for a 6’9” Ruby (imagine the equalizer boosts you can get with this card)


Pf his speed n shooting helps off the bench but he can run sf as well

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Some guy was drop stepping Artis with Blake when I tried out Artis. Gave me the idea.

Lowkey the first diamond pg13 would be a great pf

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