Who y'all using to defend yao

He starting to look like the new meta

I just send random doubles if I have to. I switch up the help defender so they can’t anticipate where it’s coming from.

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Yao himself. Hakeem very nice tho.

Tacko locks him down

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This, I’ve been using D-Rob who holds him well, but when he gets post hooked to death you need to send doubles as I’ve found Yao is super easy to strip the ball from.

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I just abuse him on offense til they have to take him out. Occasionally call a double team.

If you call every time, they’re prepared to pass it out. The guy in the corner will cut to the basket, when he does call the double. If it’s late in the shot clock call the double.

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No one. Even though I have my own Yao. I play my Yao when I want not when they want me to.

I just call 3 point plays for my center. And make Yao chase him off screens. GG

Going for 2s will never be the meta.

Dig on Post as well and spam steal.

High pick and rolls.

All that good stuff.


I swear I feel like that with PD Giannis

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I use Dream PD!


I wonder if the new Spotlight Gasol could hold his own against Yao?

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Muresan w strength shoe

I dont see why not. Brook Lopez can and they’re the same size.

Granted he ain’t stopping him but Brooks lateral is so slow I can only play him vs slow bigs.

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Tacko Crew

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Diamond ayton does pretty well for me…contains him not lock him tho!!

So far I haven’t ran into any yao’s Doing these spotlights. Y’all must be on a different one then me!