Who y’all using a SF

Who are you all playing at SF?

98 durant or 98 lebron

99 KD, 99 Giannis

Amy Pippen


Kawhi and Bird

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PD Durant and PD PG.

PD Kawhi and Lebron.

I use PD KD, PD Lebron, and Paul George (PD now, but diamond until a few days ago) on a rotation most games.

PD PG and 98 KD

98 KD & Bird

99 Kawhi and PG
98 Lebron and KD

They play the 3-4

PD PG and 98 KD

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Diamond KD, PG13, PD Dr.J, Heat Lebron

69 Johnny Sins, he shoots damn good.


Just grabbed that 98 lebron with grey/yellow nikes, with d contract too, yay me, this beautiful beautiful monster

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How much and was it PS4?

Yes ps4 121k

Bowen and Pippen, my stars are elsewhere

Thats a steal!!

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I don’t worry about the equalizer. I can’t decide between all of the ridiculous cards that are available.