Who y’all think capping out at their Pink Diamond

Tmac? I think he will get a GO
Kyrie? I think he capped out at 98 on his limited
Pippen? Does he get one?

penny, kyrie, and vince def capped

Durant? Can he get better other then unrealistic defense

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Yes KD for sure. Dont worry about improvements its more about pack sellers. Id love a new pip

Yeah i figured the opals would have been more valuable
Like some cards i felt didn’t or don’t need another version like a Kareem or a Hakeem or a scottie. Now current players i understand but historic not every player i feel does not need every tier.

Oscar :disappointed:


AK47 hopefully

That would be crazy to see Oscar cap out but Gilbert gets an opal

That whole list gets an Opal.

You dirty bastard, do you want not only Malone, but now also Oscar lockers in shambles?!

Yess! I locked Malone, Oscar & Ben. Only Oscar left :joy:

A GO Oscar wouldn’t make PD unusable. PD has been an end-game card since day 1.

Yeah he’s a god.

Basically a 6-5 Opal LeBron