Who would like to see Dbg playing with steady shooter lineup?

There are definitely enough top tier cards for at least starting 5 of steady shooter
John Stockton Dominique Paul Pierce diamond I believe has it Scottie Pippen David Robinson.


@anon58151219 make it happen


Opal Jason Richardson

Diamond lights out KD

Reward Klay Thompson

ruby klay

Steady shooter is the most OP badge I have ever see :joy:I be played with a pure sharp with that badge on HoF on pro am . He was hitting 100% smothered consistently With take
I don’t know why people avoid that on my team ahah

You miss wide open that’s why


Amy Ray Allen

much easier to get open with wider courts and better stats in myteam so people prefer the open shot boosts vs the contested ones

Once Dominique got Evo with hof steady he’s my favorite card :smiling_imp: ohh did I make 99 contested sorry it’s steady badge

And times when diamond Curry was making 3s literally in my face is unacceptable

There’s no reason to be taking smothered or heavily contested shots in MyTeam though, because of how OP all the cards are it’s so easy to get wide open with basically everybody. Since steady shooter makes you miss more wide open shots, it’s a badge you do not want on myteam

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I don’t know about it ,
Like that’s want a competitive game ! Was a fun one against a good team , and the guys has like 88 3 pt with just like 5 Hof shooting badges .
He shot 14/15 from the 3 pt line with 3 smothers with the takeover .
He was not missing open at all, and on my team you have all the bonuses in the world plus no shot meter . I don’t see a 6% penalty make you miss with all the badges on HoF and max attributes .
Was really crazy to see

I got Biceps very early in the game and Evo’d him to HOF Steady Shooter as soon as I could. I’ve basically got his release down to muscle memory so I just give the defender time to get close that way it activates the badge and those kinds of shots going in usually frustrate the opposing player.


I never realized that DBG had this big of a following.

i mean he has over 200k subs so you’d expect it

I’m confused how they say ‘steady shooter’ badge makes them miss wide open shots. is it because of straight arm? or the players are PENALISED because of the badge? algo? or simply because the players didn’t green the shot? Steady shooter says that - "it reduces the penalties for contested shot (means you can shoot better even if contested) and reduced bonuses for open shots (you dont get additional bonus when shooting wide open but you will not be penalised/or no mention of it) so if you are a good shooter (or green the shot) you can shoot wide open shots consistently (unless its straight arm or algo - which is a different story)

basically if u have it
if u shoot a contested shot than you have a higher chance of making then a card that doesn’t have the badge
but if you shoot a wide open you have a less chance of making the shot than someone without the badge