Who would be a perfect player to carry a team?

I’m looking to take 2 guys, one for the bench unit and one for the starters. I’m going to then surround them with budget cards, and run my offense through the 2 players. Budget is 450k to buy both.

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Drex + curry

450 each? Or 450 for two?

450k for two

Larry Legend and Clyde

I’d say Drexler who is under 100k. Which would leave you with 350ish. That could get you a lot of different players. Giannis, Bird, possibly Durant.

Clyde with contract under 100k easy. If u need a good TTO Option try Scottie

Yeah, it’s hard to pass him up with him going for 50-60k.

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Exactly. And it gives you a lot of options with all the MT you would save.

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I’d say you want two guys at least 6’8’ with good defense. You need a defensive answer for their best scorer…


I second Bird and Drexler. Better than both of them may be AS Magic. He can play 1-4

Anyone think Giannis and Antwan Jamison would be a good idea?

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Have you tried Jamison yet? Base 11

Giannis yes, Jamison no.

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I’m not very good at Base 11 but as we all know, some people absolutely love it. So that’s a personal preference. But a No from me.

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Bad idea.

Giannis just about to start playoffs and as the arguable best player in the league, he’s gonna play big and get one or more Moments cards.

Jamison, imo, is flavor of the week

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Magic 50k/Drexler 60k/Paul George Blue shirt 45k/Josh Smith 30k/Oden 40k
Penny 35k/Leonard 20k/KD 60k/Thurl Bayley 2k/Gilmore 40k

Total: 380k You can make some chances there and there, but this lineup can compete np. I ran pretty much same sans Penny and Gilmore and had huge success.

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I’m not really looking to have a normal team. I got kind of bored of it, so I came up with this idea instead.


Then I say Drexler and go big on the 2nd choice.

Sounds like the move. Thanks fellas.

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