Who will come out with PD Giannis?

I was thinking about this earlier, since most expect PD Giannis to be the next cover series player

Wallace had Bing, Lanier, and Rip
AI had Iggy, Stackhouse, and Dr J
Blake had Oscar(?), DeAndre Jordan, and Miles
Magic had Kobe, Draymond (?), and Elgin

It’s hard to think of who could come with Giannis, it looks like they throw in one random player now and 2 historics from the same team. Except we already have a diamond Oscar, Bucks Kareem is a PD and there is already a diamond Kareem, Moncrief is already a diamond

Maybe diamond Ray Allen or Michael Redd? What do you guys think

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Both Blake and magic had ransoms in Draymond and Oscar. Ray Allen diamond is the only one that I’d say had a good percentage. Other than that I feel the elites around giannis will be random

I agree. Too many bucks elites already.

I wish Big Dog was in the game. He’d be a dope card, but probably similar to kemp/LJ.

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2K like Dandridge a fair bit so he could come out. Same with Sikma. Though I see both of them being amys at best for the Bucks. Their diamonds would come with Wiz and Thunder sets I imagine

I’m hoping for a diamond Glen Robinson or Sam Cassell, maybe an Amy Ricky Pierce or Paul Pressey.

Who is big dog?

Big Dog is a legend.


Well I could assume that if people wanted him. What’s his name?

Did you just start watching basketball when Lonzo joined the NBA?

Well if you take into consideration the fact that I’m 20, then I would have no clue who big dog is

His son plays in the NBA

What about lil dog?

Plays for the Pistons. Nowhere near as good

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Yeah but his sons not that good so its not like it would help

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They’re talking about Glenn Robinson JR don’t know why they’re being dicks


Diamond Cassell, Amy Dandrige, Ruby Sikma or Pressey

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May happen but those are bad players in 2k

Calm down buddy, we’re just fooling around.

You’re always a dick, we’re just joking around.

lol ok

I’ll make sure to say that next time I’m being an ass

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