Who will buy PD Jordan if he has 80-85 3 ball and only gold drd badge?

As title, they leaked the pack yesterday so we might get him next week , but I assume he will have 80-85 3ball and 6 hof badges , so would you cop him if his stats are something like that??


Because he’ll be the hardest to stop on a drive and have lockdown defense


100%, can’t put a price on the best animations in the game.


T-mac would beat his ass ??

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Yes cuz that reminds me of Grant Hill, whos filthy. 86 open 3, nothing a good shoe or coach cant fix.


Yeah Dwayne Casey would be the perfect coach for MJ


got Casey and orange CP3s waiting for him

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Iso 1 Angle all day


Thats what i realized about Giannis

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I’m also operating under the assumption they’ll have a Pip in the packs and give them a duo that juice’s MJ’s shooting stats. (I know, I’m expecting a lot of 2K there)

He’s unreal. I’ve had him finish the stupidest shit around the rim constantly.

he dunks so quick too

they still do duos?


In my imagination.

I’m thinking he will have more like 8 to 10 HOF badges

  1. Tireless Scorer
  2. Relentless finisher
  3. Acrobat
  4. Defensive stopper
  5. Midrange
  6. Pickpocket
  7. Difficult shot
  8. Posterizer

After that they might give him even a
9. One Man fast break
10. Some post badge.

And he definitely will have at least 10 gold badges.

So his price will most likely be 500k+. And I will guarantee his first few in AH will sell for over a 1mil on xbox and ps4


His stats won’t be like that. All of these cards are similar to the domination cards. MJ will have 89 3pointer.

Giannis 75 3pt
Blake - 92 3pt
Magic - 84 3pt

MJ is a better 3pt shooter than both Magic and Giannis. And 2k was very generous to Blake for some reason. I’d say 88-89 3pointer. With the right coach he will have 92 GG


The 98 MJ last year had a 90 so you’re probably right, I’d guess somewhere between 86-89


We used to think Giannis would have 75-80 3 ball but 2K gave him 74 so I would say Jordan will have 80-85 3 ball it make sense right?

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too bad theres no open 3 jordans. I can live with 92 open 3 and 90 contested 3


Moving 3 boost will be scary