Who was your favorite myteam

This was it for me, my lineup for the rest of that year, even with the 99 pink diamonds, I stayed with this lineup, I loved this team, they had everything, I pulled Tmac and KD so locking in Webber and Hakeem at the time was a no brainier, I pulled them the day they were released, I’ma try to recreate this team this year, minus Webber

2k17 was the best myteam ever


17 was the first one I really put a ton of time and effort in to, so I’m probably fondest of that. I remembering redeeming the PD MJ Dream Team reward and it feeling amazing because there was only a handful of PDs in the game back then and it felt really special.

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2k16 had the most balance and was the most fun. Don’t sleep on those Onyx cards from 2k15 either.


Hell no kevin love has 85 fk you

Screenshot_20200215-142423-1 2k18 Im king

That Mitchell was probably the best small card in the game, I had him and played a game with him where he went 16-16 and 7-7 from 3, I’ve never been able to do that again with any player since

17 got a lot of revisionist history. I remember everybody hating it.

15 and 16 for me

I liked 2k17 the most. Defense was easier, no ice skates. Oscar was a God and locked shit down