Who wants to sex Mutombo? . . . Anybody with a theme team on Xbone up for friendlies?

I finally unlocked PD Mutombo last night, and now my Sixers squad has some real teeth. I’m looking forward to a better Ben Simmons and Embiid, but this team is SUPER fun to play with.

It’s a team that excels in mid-90s defensive grindfests, full of inefficient mid range AI jumpers and athletic flashes from Simmons, Dr. J, and Iggy. I took the squad to Unlimited for the first time last night, got matched up with a god squad. I blew a 4 point lead with 30 seconds left (the game kind of went on rails), my opponent had a crazy tip-in at the buzzer to win 41-39.

I shot a terrible percentage (mid-30s) and even though I lived at the freethrow line I missed more than half. But on the boards and defensively, this team is dominant, and a hell of a lot of fun to play with.

Every player has a role, it’s not 5 basketball super robots that do everything, so it feels like a real team. I can’t wait to upgrade the bench eventually, though.

In the meantime, who wants to sex Mutombo? If anybody has a theme team and wants to run some friendlies against an iso heavy, inefficient midrange, tough defensive squad hit me up :muscle::fist::+1::joy:


I might play ya, my team is nowhere near yours but hey

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Same name on XBL, hit me up.

Who wants sex mutombo? I think I’m good. I’d like to keep my organs…

i messged ya

My Dick-embe is bigger than yours :smirk:

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He apparently used to come to college parties at Gtown and yelled that across the room when he arrived :joy::joy::joy:

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Had enough Mutombo fo 24