Who uses the button still?

Curious to who is using button instead of shot stick. I’ve always used the button and I’m struggling a bit but keep practicing I’m a casual and don’t want to use the stick just cause i never have.


Button user here. Been using the button for as long as I can remember…I’m too damn old to switch.


I don’t use stick, you can hate me all you want, but I think it’s corny AF. Button gang stand up :joy:


Button user here also.
I am using it for years, and from a bball perspective its more natural to me to focus on the release point rather than aiming.

I use button man with meter on “old school” :joy:


Button on, meter off. I actually used stick shooting last year but it’s so different this year I hated it.

Does anyone happen to know how to set it up so that the stick shooting would work like last year?

I started button/meter off, but am now button/meter on.

I think there was an NBA Live or even a 2K that used stick in the past and I found it to feel quite natural. This one not so much though. It feels a little too awkward for me

I think they tweaked shooting again and the button has been fine for me. Greened 3 shots yesterday with sapphire Kobe in dom on HOF and that’s been the first since release. 2 of them were 3s!!

Bar is only good for fades for me, I don’t wanna learn how to use the stick because so much is happening on my right hand already. Button works fine when players are badged

I use the button but I don’t play online much but now that they fixed it you can still reliably hit shots on online if ur mans is open but only if he’s open so it’s pretty fair to use button

Anyone think they will tweak the meter at all as in make it bigger because it’s still hard to green sometimes

I’ve always used stick, but my controllers are old and not in great shape, so I’m finding aiming is impossible.

I’ve gone back to button- are you turning aiming off in the settings?

Button + no meter here as well. That meter style is too distracting for me.

I am going with no meter + stick + LT. You don’t have to aim but supposedly this gives you a boost as well. But I have been Shooting pretty bad today, don’t know if they tweaked the shooting again.

I am button with meter on. I tried stick for several hours and it was a nightmare. I hope to work my way to using button with meter on free throws only.

I’m old, and everything is small and blurry, so I’m button shooting until next gen comes out. And I’m getting a new 4K TV and some of those thumbstick pad thingys to help out.

Goddamn. Now that it’s typed out, I realize I’m spending $1000 so I can shoot better in a video game that’s not even that good. :persevere:


If you’re only buying it for 2k, a monitor will be a lot better/cheaper most likely

Aim has been great for me. Just takes some practice

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I’m button with meter. Still useless in HOF Dom, where only layups and dunks work (and even those are successful 40% of the time), but more than good enough for shooting online with those rookie sliders.


I swear on my life. It’s very much possible to shoot in HoF Dom. Takes practice, but it is. Buy Allan Houston and run plays to get him open and you can green there, I dropped 60 with him shooting 3s on HoF Dom the other game.