Who u got in today's games?

I think we got 2 sweeps today. Philly benching Covington for McConnell. Bad move, another unatheletic player who wont be able to defend us. They don’t have the balls to bench Simmons

Bring them brooms out baby !!!

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I hope Tatum goes off need an Amy ASAP

Philly survives. Toronto gets swept.

Im going in with no hope. That way no matter what happens i wont be disappointed lol.

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For the sake of pride and dignity, the Raps need to extend this series. Getting swept as a #1 seed to the Cleveland LeBrons? DeMar’s going to be more depressed than ever.

Dude. The raps had me fooled. I really thought we could make a damn series out of this. Game 1 and 3 have to be the craziest and most emotional games of my life as a raptors fan. Only thing that tops it is when the edmonton oilers lost game 7 in the stanley cup finals 2006. I was born and raised in edmonton and thats the closest ive ever been to tasting a championship as a fan … was hoping these raps could at least scrape by to the 3rd. Man no matter what happens we always fall into the cavs bracket lol

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Sweep’s. Lol at sixers and raps :blush:

These refs are a joke. Half the Celts are in foul trouble off of ticky tack shit. Smart dives for a loose ball and gets crushed by Simmons and called for a foul smh so sick of referees.

NBA needs that ad revenue. The Warriors and Rockets are about to win in 5. The Cavs are about to sweep the Raps. Gotta get that paper!

I understand it but it’s so blatent and sickening. The sad part is that Philly is so bad that I expect to beat them regardless. Simmons blows dude, dude cant shoot outside of 5 feet. Trade his ass.

I was really hyped for Simmons, but today’s NBA requires ballhandlers that can shoot. I don’t know how far the Sixers can go until he can make a basket from 20+ feet out.

Celts Raptors

Theres been plenty of non shooters that do good, we have Smart, but at least he has the balls to take those shots so the defense is honest. Simmons looks scared to shoot, kinda freezes up a bit and even on defense he’s kinda slow.

He knows he won’t make the shot. The defense knows too. He’s got to add it to his game. Even 33% from 3pt. would be a gamechanger for him.

Alternative narrative re: Raptors. It took OT and a buzzer beater to get this series to 3-0. Maybe it’s too soon to call it a sweep?

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They were down alot of the game. Shouldn’t have even went to OT

It’s hard to say with the Raptors… don’t want to count them out cause they have the talent to win… but at this point Lebron and the Cavs are in their heads.

Idk man I’ve never thought Derozan and Lowry were good enough to lead a team. I was surprised they got the 1st seed but I never bought them as legit title contenders.


I’ve never thought DeRozan/Lowry was a contender. They also need a much better coach. People keep talking about their bench, but they don’t pass the eye test. They definitely overachieved.

Still, they shouldn’t be getting whupped by the LeBrons. It’s embarrassing!