Who trying to play X1 Only

No one callin ppl out, let’s get the comp scene poppin in here again. I notice no one calls anyone out until the Opals come out lmao. X1 Let’s get this work


I’m always down to run brotha. I’m just always on late at night. If u on at night and wanna scrim u know where to find me. Always looking for scrims.

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yo who are the sweats on the west server xbox besides rj peja, smokehouse?

@Fokus_XG is on west. He a sweat

My boy @ozmohsis also on west


@Pedronqneves and @dnttalktomeh the two self proclaimed best players to ever exist



I’m down, GT: The12thFloor I’m on the west

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I’m down to scrim as well, on East

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The VORK on a mission to chase these boys out of town :laughing:


Definitely bro I see u grinding. I’ll be on tonight if u trying run a few. U in the mtm one again also?

U on X1 bro?

U ready to play in like an hour? U can host I want to adapt to the west

Yeah no doubt, i don’t stream though bro.

All good bro I’ll stream it. Add me, we can play in an hour 7:30 so 4:30 ur time…

Bet, what’s your GT?


Ok bet

In love with the attention

Imagine going on a site to tell people your the best at 2k

Who said they the best? I said I want to play vs the best lol yall crazy