Who to watch? - MyTeam 12-0 Help

Anyone you recommend to watch to improve? Maybe anyone around here? Chuck a link or something, cheers

What system?

Maybe jake mason dudes a stud he’s helped me get better

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idk if it matters but I’m on PS4

I thought you wanted to pay someone to go 12-0 for you. My bad lol.

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Oh you gon have a lot of customers bro get that bread

haha alg

If you get really desperate as time winds down holler at me. We can probably work something out

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lol I was gonna alley oop him to you.

Lmao I’m not back until the 8th so I would’ve double lobbed it to @JohnnyHimrod or @Awanz

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tjayerrday or macksauce also boopainter on twitch. They are really good at the game. Comp pro am is also good to watch

Did you just say boopainter? Yikes man.

He qualified for the 250k MyTeam tournament so I guess that is a yikes

Interesting how you grade “good” players.

If you can qualify for the 250k tournament by beating other “good” players you are an elite player. Whether you like his play style or not.

I don’t know about you guys but I always go back to shake and bake when I wanna see a quality player


Who the fuck are you?

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He’s RonJeremy. Can’t you read? /s


When the tournament itself if a fucken mess that has a bunch of unknown factors that can mess up your game at anytime it’s hard to say that were really getting the cream of the crop.

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Says my name right there. Who tf are you ?

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