Who to sell


I’m at a stand still

I don’t know who to sell! Lol the guys in running for my style of play, but I would love to incorporate (opal) pg or kawhi

Pretty much much only valuable cards i have areanniversary giannis and playoff Durant

Should i just say screw it and post both tonight?

(I’ll be running pg or kawhi at the 2)


I think kd going for 280k and Giannis was going for around the same maybe less but I would sell before Friday

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Damn the really dropped

Thank you


All I know is you kicked my ass with grant hill a couple days ago in TTo

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Yeah all of the cards price dropped shaq and LeBron, bird barely over bid now

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If it was me what was your team?

I’m one of the few people who never use a single pick and role unless I get spammed with them lol


Acquire as much MT for the promo Friday!

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Sell today, buy on Friday (another crash).

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Damn I will have a ghost team lol

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Yes you. I was running go mj, cousins and worthy. You absolutely smoked me lol. I don’t lose often in that mode, but you outplayed me. You were saucing me up with grant

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Thank you

People say Grant has a terrible dribble package… I beg to differ lol

the timing to chain is different

Once I get my team figured out we’ll have to run a friendly!

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Yeah grants dribbles are a lil underrated on here, you made them work tremendously, will definitely have to get a friendly in sometime

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2k Gamer is about to create a market crash today :rofl:


Yea today seems like a good day to sell since there’s no content dropping (besides the Melo locker code) and at the rate they’re dropping GOs PDs will lose most of their value sooner rather than later…if you can get more than 200k for any PD I suggest cashing out for sure


Very sad to see them go… But it was time


Damn Giannis went cheap! Shoe or contract?


I just put my pg13 up, hes friggin awesome. But if ive learnt anything from the last anniversaries, its best to wait. Kawhi is a monster and i actually like him more, hes like a better dr j


That’s his going rate now, I actually saw a bunch of Giannis’s with 3 point shoes and diamond contracts go for 150 yesterday so 200 might’ve been a coup


How are you liking that signature sizeup thing (idk what to call it but the move where you hold R2 and flick the right stick up)
Against novice onballers it’s buckets every time for me