Who to sell for PG24? Please help

That’s the lineup I use, although I usually only run a 10 man lineup. Out of those guys, who would net me the most profit in this AH crash to grab a PG24?

Probably Simmons

Simmons for sure.

I was afraid someone would say that… FUCK

Sorry he has the most appeal right now

Any two guys that would equal Simmons’ price?

Sell Kat and kawhi start lebron at the 4 and pg at the 3? Pippen new bench 3


That’s what I was thinking of doing. You’re legit bro.

No worries I might even consider using PG as your bench and pippen starting because your starters can score already and the bench could always use a dynamic weapon. Tough to wanna get him and relegate him to the role of bench tho.

My plan is to do Ben, Klay, PG, Bron, Duncan.
Magic, Tracy, Pippen, Draymond, KP.
Tracy off bench to give me a solid scoring option.

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bruh just wait a few days , got my kobe with shoe for 200k first night he prolly go for 150 with a shoe now prolly less, PG’s price is inflated rn i would not panic

Oh I’m not gonna buy tonight unless he’s super low, but I will sell rn before the AH crashes big time.

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Just play with cards you want now i reckon, there’s not many cards better to come out besides bigger centres.

It’s kinda like a life lesson, we worry about money so much that we forget to have fun with what we have untill it’s too late lol

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Wise words. I’m not selling my bird and Jordan for this reason, but still going to try to cop this pg24 somehow.

I’ve been wanting pg24 for couple months now so I’m happy to finally be able to use him on my team