Who to run at back up C

With this squad, who of those last 4 guys on the bench would you run as the backup C? Doesn’t need to be able to shoot 3’s. No 5 out here.

Drob, most athletic, just great all around, following Embiid.

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Probably Tim is the best, but I only tried him and D Rob. A friend of mine has Gobert and told me he is useless, since he gets postered and can’t provide any offense.

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Yeah Gobert not really I’m the running to be honest… Haha. I love all the other 3 it’s hard to pick!

Probably just rotate through them as I feel. I don’t grind for PD tier so it’s just playing for fun anyway. Probably run Tim for a bit because he’s new

I run wilt with the barry duo. Love wilt. Hes a monster

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I run drob in my line up, he athletic (rebound/ block machine) and is good with mids etc

Might be in the minority, but duncan.

decent jumper all over the field, His post games nuts, defense is crazy…

not super athletic, but you have giannis and olajuwon

I vote D Rob.

I love embiid so i suggest him

Robinson is the easy choice.

I know he’s not on your list but, wilt even w.o the duo is an animal.

I run that Hondo/Cowan duo off the bench too, I’m thinking of getting rid of Cowan to make room for Duncan aswell but the boost for hondo is pretty damn good, so the need for a different guy at the 2 who’s 3 and D besides Klay is hard to find.

I run the wilt duo, trust me, wilt will average 6-10 rebounds a game. I don’t even use his 3 but if he’s open, he gets them in half the time. I don’t 5 out either.