Who to put this shoe on?

Ughh so I pulled a shoe and it seems its the worse shoe you can possibly pull. Who do y’all think it fits? It’s shot contest, consteated mid, moving mid, moving 3 and steal.

This shoe is shit unless you’re an iso heavy off dribble shot taker lol. In that case add it to an iso heavy player you have.

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amy Durant.

Ya know I might do that and start him as my bench sf. I just need a knockdown shooter with 3 plays.

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It really is smh or maybe Melo for the shot contest and steal alone? It’s Jordan though can KD wear it?

I also am not willing to add diamond KD because I honestly can’t justify 600k for him at this stage in the game. I should have locked him when he was much lower and before I spent so much chasing MJ

Put it on ruby JR Smith then.

JR is too small for SF in SM I believe.

Then KD it is.

Westbrook though can he wear jordans? If not someone like westbrook.

I have JR with a defensive shoe already. I’m trying to sell him but nobody biting. It’s the best defensive shoe you can have for him too.

I have been thinking of Melo as well. His offense is supposedly stellar, and he does benefit greatly from this shoe. It’s just the lack of plays I love to run. Give it a shot and let me know how he plays!

Yes he can wear Jordans.

Melo needs a defensive shoe, one with boosting IQs.

How about KD?


I think this shoe is good for amethyst MJ

I have one on Amy Mj in the auction house right now for 37k

His shot contest and steal seems a waste though since it’s already pretty high. 99s across mids is pretty nice though.

Nobody answered lol so KD can wear Jordan’s?