Who to put shoe on?

I just pulled this shoe, who should I put it on?

Almost want to say Melo lol. Who do you have?

Edit: can throwback Melo wear non Jordan shoes? I don’t have him personally but his offense is godly and defense on him would make him stupid good

No he can’t.

MJ, Tatum, Kobe, and KD have shoes already

Almost seems like Embiid would benefit for your personal use. That or Dirk but his lateral quickness is already so bad idk if that would help enough. Your other players are pretty strap on D

embiid, it maxes out a couple of vital stats like LQ which is huge for a rim protector.

Embiid cannot wear the shoe as he is an Adidas player.

Damn they’re fucking up lol

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If you have diamond shaq, that shoe turns him into an endgame center.

What’s your starting 5 is MJ your 4? Lol

I’m assuming Giannis is his 4 lol

i think giannis is the 4, the way the line up shows up is confusing tho.

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Nothing would shock me at this point. When you see Pippen at center you know the game is fucked

Giannis is my 4.

Sad to say, he gets more boards than Embiid.