Who to lock in?

Who to lock in?

KAT or KG for center.

Also can just buy Kareem.

Just buy Kareem


need more info bro. show ur lineup and MT

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Neither sell players and the MT and and and

Kareem is the best big in the game.

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Kareem is goated.

But of the two you named, I would run KAT at center. KG is the better 4.

Never, ever run anyone anyone under 7 ft at center. With all these Yao’s and Sampsons running wild, you need big guys that can hold their own.

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Stay liquid, get the Captain.

Kats fun to play with.

lineup now is

Simmons. Tmac. Bird. AK. Dwight.
Rose. Levert. George. Gay. Oden.

Got about 600K MT but if sold I can lock in the other set.

don’t lock anything with only 600k

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Get Kareem & move Dwight to the bench. You could keep Oden & if someone is running 2 bigs put Dwight at the 4.

Kareem at C, KG at PF.