Who to get / not to get GEN NEXT

I have barely seen anything of this promo yet, who do you guys suggest for and against picking up?


I’m picking up Zo and fox at least. That Murray has a really nice player model so his amy must be sick

i loved using the ruby ayton. can’t imagine a pd ayton. definitely picking up

The only reason I’m not getting him is the Puma only shit

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ah i totally forgot about that. absolutely sucks. still a 93 open shot 3 w coach

is it true that zhaire smith is a monster? been reading other threads & that’s what i’ve heard at least

Don’t get lonzo…he is too worthless in real life to use him in 2K regardless of stats.

Kills me I give no shits about the entire collection except the reward card :persevere:


Something about this JJJ seems right. Sharp lock wo a shoe. Feels like Pascal a bit

Yeah maybe some ‘fun’ cards been prolly the real 10/10 card