Who to buy with 200k (PS4)?

Who to buy with 200k on PS4?

I got this lineup:

I was thinking maybe GOAT MJ or GOAT Magic?

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Well, it seems to me that you are missing a large chunk of your team. You need a bench.
I personally would just sell Yao and build a team from that. You don’t even really need 10 men but at least 8 is mandatory imo.


Nope, I role with the 5 man team

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Well then Idk, PG and SF are probably weak spots rn.

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I would grab NIB kawhi if he is in that price range.


Yeah I was thinking either GOAT Shaq at PF or new Ben Simmons’s GO at PG instead of Russel…

Just curious, how well have you done with 5-man rotation? Can you beat stacked 10-men teams (goat lineups and such)?

I always get matched up against other people playing 5 man lineups. I was 10-2 two weeks ago with a lot worse lineup

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He’s like 200k. I decided to sell Luka and then I should have enough for either him, Simmons or Shaq

From me in Europe servers, 1 of 4 game is against a full opal team with my 5 man lineup and amy/diamond coach.

I’m in europe too. I mean in 90% of games is against 5 man lineups

move luka to pg then get goat jordan

I was thinking about that too. But I heard Jordan’s not that good. Anyone have any experience with him?

i had the flash go jordan and he was scoring like 35 a game

so the goat version id probably score 40-50 a game…

or you can lock in ray allen and evo him in one game

Could snag evo glitched TMac and play him at the 2

NIB Ben Simmons is the best pg in the game

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under 200k?

Hard to believe. With my 5 man lineup I’m facing full squads 50% of the time. But I’m just too stingy to run a full squad :grin: