Who still gets down on some Apex Legends?

It’s about the only game I play besides 2k these days. Just can’t do Warzone anymore. Too many flaws.

Anyway, if anyone is looking to squad up sometime, hit me up. Pretty decent player. XB1.

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How’s the new map

It’s good. Smaller, but still good. Got rid of Skulltown and Thunderdome, two places I always landed, but it’s still a fun map. They have duos full time now, too, and I kind of like it better.

Played this game heavy when it first came out, not so much anymore. Cool to see people are still enjoying it, definitely had a lot of promise when I was playing.

You know it, Bruddah!

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Apex blows warzone out of the water


No doubt.

Is it f2p friendly still? Haven’t played in a long time

Free to play? If so, then yes.

For sure, money just gets you cosmetic things. If you buy the battle pass once you get enough coins to buy the next one etc. if you complete most of it. You can still pick any cosmetic item you want without coins but it still costs crafting metals which take a lot of time to grind

I honestly don’t know what they’re thinking when it comes to their store. They update only six items per week, and two of them are those dumbass charms. Blows my mind that they don’t do like Fortnite, and update that thing daily. Do they not like money? Lol.

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Brilliant game but has 0 security unfortunately.

Cheaters can do what they want, when they want.

Still very fun on the days that they have ban waves.

PC? I play on console and don’t see any, though servers aren’t the best always

Yeah, PC in AUS region.

You won’t see many cheaters on console, just the occasional M+K / no recoil player.

Anyone on Xbox still play? I just started this week and been addicted to it. I’m tired of playing with randoms who do their own thing or ditch the match

Yeah, man… I’m still playing. I practically exclusively play ranked nowadays for specifically the reasons you listed.

Pm me your gamertag if you wanna squad up sometime.

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Yes, can’t wait for new legend

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Trios? Lmk when you guys wanna run. I ain’t the best but not the worst lol @ProjectMayhem @ND13

I used to be so goated at this game lol.

My second accounts KD is like 4.

Yeah man who you play