Who should I sell for PD Giannis?

This is what I’m running and since this years essentially over I kinda wanna go get that PD Giannis. I have 250k and willing some of my team to get him. Was thinking of selling harden, melo and Malone with diamond 3 ball shoe to try and get enough for Giannis. Should I do it since with the pack odds there’s so many cards?

Yeah… I would make that move. Just not sure if that’s enough. If you sell all of them and finish the collection, you can have Magic, Jordan, KD, Giannis, DRob starting, Oscar, T-mac, Jimmy, Nate, Embild bench. Looks solid

I wouldnt do it. I have the diamond version of your backcourt and its cheesy as hell nevermind having the PDs

I’ve really considered selling my Jordan for the diamond Jordan just for the reason that badge wise and stat wise they aren’t entirely different. Mostly hof catch and shoot. Magic on the otherhand I will not consider selling as he just feels so much better than the diamond.

I would have like around 700-800k since all of the cards I’m selling have diamond contracts and shoes

Nope none of those cards are selling for a high value right now.

Malone will go for probably not much more than 100k, and even if its the best shoe for Melo you’ll get 140-160k. Harden has tanked and some are even going for 150-160k. With a contract and shoe probably 210k. Idk that those 3 are worth Giannis unless you take Magic out of your starting 5 and insert the Freak

I would only do it if you have a diamond red Kyrie or Kobe (+9 SWB, +9 Open 3) to put on diamond Giannis.

I don’t think that would enough… Maybe if you got lucky on packs then yes

On Xbox you could lock PD Giannis for 800K right now, idk about PS4.

That’s actually not that bad of a price. But like they said above I’m not sure I would have enough without selling my Jordan or magic

You probably wouldn’t looking at the AH right now.

As much as I would love to test my odds with packs I’m not sure it’s worth

I’ll try to get everything else like the amythest and rubies. Or just replace nate and get a Kareem with a 3 ball shoe