Who should I sell and pick up need more balance?

So this is my lineup right now. I’m in desperate need of a pg and elite Center. I originally wanted Magic during the market crash but he was too much so I settled on MJ, tried him at PG but it didn’t work out. Tmac is there because he’s just my best option but I plan to move him to the 2.

So what y’all think I should do? I’m pretty much mt broke so if I want to upgrade somebody’s gotta go. My MJ has 3pt shoes and he rebounded in price looks like I can get 250 or more right now. I’m leaning toward selling MJ for maybe Embiid or Magic. I could sell KD and grab Tatum and somebody else. I could flip Tmac and settle on a Donovan Mitchell or something but that Tmac is so good. Pretty much nobody is untouchable. My bigs suck right now and my bench is thin. Thoughts?

Sell mj. Get smart, tatum, brown, upgrade draymond to amy.

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If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, then I’d agree with the above post. Also I would sell boogie and pick up amy towns and diamond Marcus Morris if you’re looking to balance out your front court a little more. Towns snagged everything for me when I had him


Hmmm maybe I look into him. I would love Ewing too but he might be out of my price range he looks awesome. If I can sell MJ for Ewing and Smart that’d be a win. When do y’all think is the best time to list MJ? With these new TBT players think he might take a hit and I should wait till tomorrow?

Sell TMac, get Magic for PG and Malone for PF

Magic and MJ are the best backcourt I’ve ever used. They suffocate on defense and get so many steals, along with finishing at the rim at will.

MJ or Kobe? My Kobe has the Curry’s.

Up to you just keep in mind we’ll most likely get a 98 Kobe that will be close to the PD.

Personally, I’d sell Tmac, MJ, and Durant and balance your squad a bit.

This is where I’m at, I have two five man squads with two diamonds and 3 amys each, and 3 rubies at the end of the bench to fight the EQ.


Good suggestions y’all. Yea my lineup is too top heavy. I feel if there’s any elite card I pickup it’s gotta be a Center. I can’t a afford a Kareem but maybe Embiid or Ewing if he drops some. How’s Embiid is he a great rim protector? Outside of Kareem/Hakeem is he the next best defensive shooting big?

Some replacements I’m eyeing Tatum for KD, Mitchell for MJ, still don’t know who my pg will be. Magic seems nice but I feel like people will just sag and dare me to shoot, or put somebody like Bron on him and shut him down since he’s prob not that consistent from deep.

BTW your lineup looks filthy man

Magic hits shots consistently just has a weird jumper. If they sag I try to back them down to the rim and force help.

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Embiid is awesome, though I was lucky enough to get him with a speed/lateral shoe. I replaced Shaq and I think my D and rim protection has improved, and Joel is much more verstaile on offense.

Also: Amethyst MJ with a 3 point shoe is awfully close to the diamond functionally, but way cheaper.


You guys think I should sell Tmac for Kareem? His price rebounded so it looks like I can get close to 400 or more mine has speed shoes, base card is going for 360. I already sold MJ and picked up Donovan. I was thinking of grabbing Magic.

I’m thinking something like Magic/Donovan/KD/Cliff Robinson/Kareem seems like it’d mesh right?