Who should I put this shoe on?

Which player should I put this shoe on? I was thinking a diamond and reselling with value or putting it on my locked in amethyst Kawhi Leonard. Though I fear he will be getting a diamond soon…

Jordan CP3.X
+9 Ball Control
+9 Hands
+9 Passing Accuracy
+9 Close Shot
+9 Contested Mid

If I were you I would hold on to it if you don’t need the mt now. That shoes doesn’t typically go for a lot if you were trying to flip on a player especially considering the tax. I believe Kawhi will get a better card too and adding it to the amy might be a waste. Don’t force shoes. There might be an end game card that this shoe can fit perfect but you just gotta be patient .

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At this point save it, I saved that Nike and hit the jackpot with Simmons lol

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Yeah I never will complain about a diamond shoe pull, but this is one of the lower value ones unfortunately

I don’t see this shoe adding too much value to any player we currently have. Unfortunately I pulled the same shoe couple weeks ago and I’m just waiting for a player that actually fits it.

Good advice.

It’s sort of nice on Kawhi because it pushes him past 86 BC and boosting his Pass Acc is far from a bad thing.

But it’s not good to put on Kawhi not just because he’ll get a better version, but because he’s only a +6 boost away from 86 BC and it’s cheap to do that with a Gold/Silver shoe.

Ideal would probably be an older-school PF type who can get to 86 BC with the +9, though 2K seems to not really putting that type of player in that position, this year. But that’s ideal, along with being able to use most of the Cont Mid boost, and have good enough Pass Acc that the boost there is attractive.

I put that shoe on Rip Hamilton earlier in the game lol. Sound crazy, but it made him soooooo good back then and I used him for at least 150 games, if not more, so it wasn’t a total waste.

Good shoe for jokic if you don’t plan on selling him