Who should I go for?

Who should I go for?

As a Warrior fan, let’s say the season is dead and playoff chances are goooone.

Who should I support ? :stuck_out_tongue: give me good reasons to watch your team in playoffs haha

just for a fun watch, look at miami.

  • two starters are undrafted averaging 14ppg (kendrick nunn) and 11 ppg (duncan robinson)
  • bam adebayo’s breakout year, crazy switch all defender and improved passer
  • tyler herro averaging 13 ppg as a rookie with insane confidence
  • new pickups of jae crowder and iggy (former warrior)
  • all this with butler leading a team who only had 39 wins last year (35 wins at all star break)
  • rivalry vs 76ers may head into the first round of playoffs (Heat stand as 4 seed, Philly is 5th)

LeBandwagon closes soon. Don’t be on the wrong side of history and looking stunned when Bron and Davis steamroll the Western Conference in the playoffs.

The King is a forgiving King. Bend the knee while you still can.


i would agree with @Kobe6Rings. As a lebron fan i’m already in support of them coming out the west, but if somehow someway miami makes the finals i’m rooting for my squad

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Its weird I’m not the biggest Butler fan but I still like Miami from the Mourning/Hardaway days and of course the Wade/Bron/Bosh era.

Nunn and Herro are too much fun to watch.

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Small market teams building the right way.


miami is on the larger side in terms of markets but built the right way as well. we haven’t so called “tanked” since 2008 and everyone on our team bedsides haslem is long gone

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I’ll make a case for Boston. The are sort of an underdog team despite having a good record. They don’t have a single superstar in the tier of Harden, Giannis, Kawhi, etc. They have 4 all-star caliber players in Kemba, Tatum, Hayward, and Jaylen Brown. They have a great coach and a good defensive scheme. Marcus Smart is the guy everyone loves to hate but is definitely one of the best defensive players in the NBA and sets the tone. This team was built on smart drafting, not so much on simply wooing a top free agent and blowing the whole cap space on 1-2 guys. I know Boston is hard for non-fans to root for but I think all things considered I think they are fun to watch.


Lakers, for Kobe.

That’s the only team in west I’d go for. East I’m rooting for Bucks or Raptors. Giannis, Westbrook ,Luka and Siakam are my favorite players lol

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If I wasn’t a diehard 76ers fan I would lowkey dig that Heat team. Love their attitude, the young talent they assembled and of course, I wish Jimmy was still in a Philly uniform. :pensive:

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@element i would completely agree but cannot root for them for two reasons

  1. Still have thoughts of jeff greens game winner against miami

  2. Miami is 0-2 to boston this year

yea this team is miles different with jimmy butler compared to last year, so i thank philly as an organization for his services.

also i don’t understand why every sports analyst i have heard trying to defend the 76ers by mentioning their home record (25-2). Although it’s impressive, miami’s isn’t far off (22-3) with three losses coming to lakers clippers and boston which are all better than miami


Im liking arguments abt Miami but then i never liked DWade…

well Dwade ain’t on the squad no more so there’s that

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Teams to expect: LAL, LAC, MIL

Teams to look out for: MIA, DEN

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I got Miami making the finals ngl

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Denver has gotten to where they are by developing their own players and hitting in the draft from good scouting (Jokic, Murray, Harris, Monte). Jamal Murray is the only top 10 pick on their team which is pretty crazy when you think about how good they are. They have climbed the ranks not by any big trades or big free agent signings (unless you count Millsap) but by grooming their own players and picking up players like Barton that have been overlooked by other teams but play hard every night and have thrived since joining Denver. They’ve built their franchise the right way. To me that’s an easy team to root for.

They also have a goofy, selfless, insanely clutch superstar that doesn’t care about the spotlight and fame. Only cares about being the best player he can be for his team. Not to mention there’s never been as player quite like him in the league. Idk how anyone can’t love that guy.

Then they also have a star on the rise in Murray and what looks like another one in MPJ. That trio will make for some very fun basketball


Come join us in Boston. We have veteran all stars (Hayward and Kemba) and we have future superstars (Brown and Tatum) we also have Walmart Draymond (Grant) and a great coach and the crowds always rocking. We also took down the 2 L.A. teams that everyone brags about. Everything you could ask for.

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Thunder: fun team, could be a Cinderella story type team as well, plus shai gilgeous Alexander is one of the brightest young stars in the nba! Overall a very fun team to watch

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Have you seen FlightReacts react to Denver, hilarious