Who should I get with first diamond reward player


Ben Wallace looks nasty




Kiki would be a great pick for sure. Not sure how Glen Rice is but he would probably have a decent release and probably be okay as well


Im mad Drazen has hof badges and Glen doesnt

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with the exception of strength, Gordon Hayward looks better than Glen Rice. 11 more gold badges too.

Glen Rice or Jerry Lucas depending on what you need more.

The centers look legit.

To me Cousy stands out, hof floor gen has me intrigued.

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oops i forgot about lucas. that card is probably my favorite that ive seen so far.

Probably Kiki or Artis

Cousy on paper but im not 100%

KiKi have base 11 !?

Easy choice. Petrovic. Best shooter easily. I’ve been playing with him all week. TT offline is simple with him. Put Muresan at C with him. Hard to lose. I’m 3 tokens away from another. Probably Kiki.

Well thats true but im also few days away from getting my 1st diamond token player and while Drazen is amazing offline his online capabilities could be bad given how people like to abuse baseline cheese.

I’m thinking Rice, Lucas or Gasol.

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Gasol will be my 3rd this weekend; then Lucas. After that I’ll get guys like Cousy to play around with, but I’m trying to level IT. He has to stay at PG for quite a long time. TT offline will be my GoTo for next few weeks. I want to get Dominique any way.

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I got enough for two but I can’t decide who to get to.

I saw killmazoi shoot with Kiki when he got all those tokens, they changed his release, unless they changed it agains which is possible.