Who should I cop for a budget team around Magic and Bol?

Who should I cop for a budget team around Magic and Bol?

I have Opal Magic and Bol from when I last stopped playing about a month ago. Sold everybody else. I now see we can get a bunch of MTU rewards without even going undefeated, that was enough to bring me back. Lol

I’m running a 5 man rotation but I’m open to maybe 7 deep, don’t like over stacking my team I just can’t compete with the 13 man opal god squads.

Here’s who I’m running:
Magic, Amy Lance, Roco, Diamond Isaac, Bol.

I haven’t kept up with all the recent drops but who are some good not too expansive replacements for who I’m currently running??

whats your budget?

PD Darius Miles and Jeff Green are the best 3/4 option. both around 30-50k. you could use the new PD Unseld at SG or slide Magic at the 2 and use Unseld at PG

RoCo is still very good you could grind out Cam Reddish for a great SG + the historic spotlight sim offer some nice free PD card who are really good (Elliott,Thurl,Cousins are the first to come to mind but a lot of them actually very nice)


Pd Gerald green is nice

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I can’t say it enough. Darius Miles by a mile. I was very sad to see my Opal Ben Simmons leave the team. Darius has been more than capable and often times even better for my style. Ya, he can’t play PG, but damn. That card is literally unreal.

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Actually it’s Cam that is my 3 but I have Roco as well.

I hear so much good stuff about that Miles and Green I’ll prob go ahead and grab them. I have around 600k but I’m a tight ass, lol nah more so I just took a huge break and flipped everybody. If I wanted a big piece though it doesn’t look like I could afford one of the big boys Giannis, Tmac or Bron anyway. So I dunno who I’d be willing to blow it on.