Who should I change?

Who should I change?

I’m not happy with Siakam and Barros. What should I do? Wade and Mcgrady Ruby.

There is 15.000 mt

Ben Simmons to PF, grab Scott Skiles or Pack from token market for bench PG

Everything really depends on preference right now.

I’ve personally gone pretty hard on defense. Trying to have gold clamps 1-4 on each squad. But I don’t have a team like that quite yet. Need some good defensive PFs. And I want to replace emerald CP3 (even though he’s badged out like crazy).

If I had your team, my focus were be on #1, replace barros, #2 replace luka, for better defenders.

I’ve actually had to bench tmac, he’s too bad on defense, and blowbys are too easy to trigger. I’m using Klay and Michael cooper instead, for the gold clamps.

K-mart is pretty solid at the 4 from the sapphire rewards.

Well, Which is better Sapphire Shaq and Mutombo?


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Muresan and Lafrentz are great.