Who Should I buy?

Got around a budget of 50k+ mt to buy and I’m still deciding who to get between GO Tmac, Durant, or PG.

I’d go with Durant or PG13
Tmac better at handling the ball though

If you have Kawhi, get PG. If not, get KD.

Those 3 are 50k or less? Durant is the pick then.

All the 3 s have average speed release ,
T Mac feels slower for me .
Passing : TMac
Defense : PG
Ball handling : Durant
Shooting :slight_smile: Durant
Driving to the basket : Durant ( PG 2nd)

KD and it’s not close. PG and TMac are great cards but opal KD is a top 5 card imo


AK47 and Melo are both better than those cards if you don’t have them already

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Man hes the total package. Could you imagine if 2k gave him his real height lmao


They even say something about him being “almost 7feet” in the commentary. I think Kevin says it.

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Seriously. It would be even more OP than reward Giannis and opal Shaq imo

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Kd ftw