Who selling MT today? (PS4)

Asking for a friend who trynna come up a little bit lol. Fwm

Post what system you have, that’ll help too

BUMP. for the cause

I also need MT. PS4

MT suddenly became hard to find

In that case I’ve got it. $35 per 100k. MT is a premium this evening lol.

Correction, $30. I don’t wanna price gouge too much. Just a little :wink:

lol you a whole hoe haha


I never sell MT, to be honest, but if the demand is there I can part with some. The price has gone down and I don’t think it’s worth it to sell at $20 per 100k, tbh.

Anyone selling?

I can sell at like 5 est. should have 600-700k.

I will be ready. I will more than likely buy it all

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Hit me up when you stock up

let me in on this as well