Who’s your PF

So I basically completed my squad and i’m really happy with how the team is playing. My only problem is to find a PF besides Malone who’ll not lose any second ball and has a decent shoot.

Up to you guys, who are you running at PF and what are his good and bad sides?

You can’t storm the court with your PF unless it’s a PF with very good ball handling (LeBron, Simmons, Giannis, guys like that. Maybe even AD). I have Porzingis and Kemp as a backup. But most PF’s are a bit clumsy with the ball, especially if they catch it while moving. So is KP. Just don’t play the game at a high speed all the time and you should be good with whoever is your PF.

My PFs are amy KD and diamond Aldridge. I enjoy them so much :smiley: :+1:

My pf is Amy Kd and Amy draymond. Gotta avoid the “equalizer” somehow. And running plays with kd at the 4 seems easier somehow. Most PF dont have pick dodger

Amy Worthy and Ruby KP

CWebb starting, Mailman behind him.

amy Dray.

Ami AD ans Ruby porzingis

PD magic :rofl:

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Larry Legend.


Bird, Malone and Kemp for me.

Diamond KD and Ruby Diaw.

Diamond Malone with diamond 3 point shoe and diamond AD with diamond 3 point shoe. Malone has a 99 open shot 3 and AD has a 95 open shot 3. Both have off dribble middy’s at at least 89. I ISO with both of them lmao

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PD drob with diamond speed and lat quickness shoe and Malone

Diamond karl Malone is literally insane

Malone with diamond Curry 2 lows and diamond PO LBJ. I also switch it up at times and use 98 KD and 98 Melo at PF and put 97 Gervin in at SF depending on matchups. I’m just waiting for the inevitable 98 Kawhi price drop.

Thinking of bringing back LB into the mix. Fortunately for me I’ve accumulated some diamond shoes. Which one would be best for him?

Adidas +9 Lat. Quickness, Speed, Acceleration, Stamina, Hustle
Nike Kobe XI +9 Driving Dunk, Contact Dunk, Draw Foul, Contested Mid, Open Mid
Jordan +9 Standing Layup, Standing Dunk, Driving Dunk, Contact Dunk, Stamina

Unfortunately no rebounding shoe which might be my preference to play him at PF.

Also have Red Kyrie’s & UA 3PT but that would be wasted on him right? And lots of defensive shoes I could use.

LeBron is unbelievable with a diamond red Kyrie or + 9 SWB/Open 3. I’m just not sure the price difference is worth putting it in him over buying one on the AH.

I have Playoff LeBron and I also have a red Kyrie, how much could I get for him? I probably wouldn’t use it on him normally.

Last I saw those were going for like 250K