Who’s the best Robin in the NBA?



I like what you did there.



Someone tell me where the fuck the loyalty at

Replace Russ with Harden and the answer is Lebron

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see i dont even want to say lebron. pg13

Stephen Curry was amazing Robin to KD


Zaza Pachulia


Magic Johnson was the best robin…to James Worthy


Furkan to Embiid :grimacing:

So I guess there’s a threshold question of what the best Robin means to everyone. Does it simply mean the best player who isn’t the franchise player? Or does it mean the player who best compliments the franchise player?

Shoko’s daily Lebron diss thread. Yet Lakers are #1 in the West, defeated the clippers the last 2 times they played, Lebron clamped both PG and Kawhi, Lebron made the game winner and Lebron and AD had greater individual seasons than Kawhi and Paul George.


If we’re being serious, klay to steph

Curry to wiggins

Bowman to Bender

Clippers season series is tied , and Kawhi has looked like the best player in the season series. Also Montrezl and Lou Williams WERE NOT PLAYING .

Also Dwight Howard and Jr smith < Lou Will and Harrel

Yeah series is tied, but Lakers won the 2 most recent games and have a better record than the clippers. Lakers are #1 seed and Clippers not. In my opinion that puts them beneath the Lakers. And I don’t think Kawhi has looked like the best player. Paul George was better than Kawhi last game and AD was better than Both in both of the last 2 games. Lebron was best player in the 3rd game. In the 4th game he struggled Shooting and still Played the best defense in the floor… He locked them up and hit the game winner so Kawhi definitely wasn’t the best. Also Lakers are missing both Avery Bradley and Rondo.

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Clippers players haves missed way more games then the lakers and the lakers had an easy schedule . Kawhi has dropped 28 on lebrons head and Lebron couldn’t get 20 points vs a clippers defense . AD had to carry and only could because Montrezl was gone