Who’s the best big in the game?

who do y’all think the best center in the game is? I play current and i think it’s Dikembe, but Bol Bol and Wiseman have cases.

(Didn’t include Invincible Bill because he’s better at the 4)

By starting bigs at the moment are Bill/Wiseman. And then Wood/Bol off the bench. Bol probably the best of the lot but he’s my primary handler off the bench. Wiseman a better catch and shoot jumper for the starters.

should I sell wilt and pick up dikembe, or do you see a yao coming up next season?

Yao and manute

dikembe and KP

We due for a Yao

I tried most of the top centers this past weekend and I came to the conclusion that I prefer AD.

His dribble sigs are inferior to those of KP, Bol Bol and Wiseman but his defense is top tier along with an easy and consistent release. He’s kinda like a ‘’cone’’ at C but that’s really all I need with Bill, PG and Giannis on the court. His perimeter defense felt way better than KP’s for example, which is a big bonus if he has to switch onto a guard.

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Current: Dikembe
Next: Wiseman

His defense is like Kawhi, Pg… that tiny fraction of extra contesting makes huge difference in some games. Haven’t tried Dikembe yet but AD is a special card on that side.

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Have kept my 58 HoF AD for exactly this reason, even had a juiced Dikembe for a bit but will pick him up again once his cost is down following the next good big man drop.

Aside from Yao, Kareem, Wilt, Hakeem, Manute, and potentially DRob - any other bigs we should expect to see this season?

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For NMS and reward playing, I’m still loving my D-Rob.

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I had AD and absolutely loved him but when I got Mutombo it was an easy decision to sell AD. Luckily I sold at the perfect time because mine sold for 436k and I only had 2 extra hof badges and defensive grinches. I have seen better ones go for a little over 200k. Mutombo and Russell are the two best bigs. Also my AD didn’t rebound that much at all.

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Mutombo and it’s not even close on current

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Dikembe get some freaky animations on defense. Idk if Goat Kareem would be way better than him tbh

Mutombo basically a goat card, his jumper is better than kareem’s, but kareem always has those glitchy animations

A card with all hof defensive badges and shooting ones can’t go wrong

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idk how valuable giant centres that cant do pro dribble moves would be on next gen tbh…I cant see hakeem being better than bol bol even if for hakeem’s invincible card.

The things is, people who have self respect don’t play bol bol. Hakeem is a legend and a GOAT. FOH

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Imagine not playing Bol Bol in July over some video game respect lmao


You wouldn’t understand if you were born after 1990, ,it’s just that simple lol. No cap.

Haha so true imagine 20 years from now when people won’t use lebron or giannis or luka because there’s a guy named Jason green who is 7’4 she is a demon then dudes will complain that the legends aren’t getting used :joy:

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