Who plays madden 19 here?

Just wanna see who all plays. Got sick of 2k and bought madden, started MUT and I’m not that great. Anybody have tips and shit?

I jus started too but ima play longshot or franchise as I’m on the 10 hour trial and then when it’s on EA access ima play mut

MUT is harder than I expected and I don’t understand all this power up shit and upgrading your base cards


Lol I don’t even watch football anymore to even know newer players so idc for mut that much

Same here… I just look for the highest OVR cards :joy:

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You having fun playing it tho? Might but it tonight. I use to run a lot of shotgun plays and sweep but I’m sure it’s more complicated now.

Way more complicated than it used to be, played madden 08-13 a lot, then found 2K. Coming back to madden is nice for a change, but takes a lot more skill and strategy. But yes, it’s fun. MUT is great, just have to get it down as there’s more to it than MyTeam

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you can build a god squad team through MUT draft, just win at least 3-4 each round and they will give you enough to buy another 3 tickets and play again, I pulled 87 Earl Thomas, 89 Brown, and bunch of 83s… I have a stacked team without spending any money.


Nice, sounds like it be good to play at my own pace and something new.

LOADS of fun!!! MUT is everything we want from 2k and then some.

Anyone got any tips. Found the quick way to get a free pack. Going to play now and going up against the 99 team. Super sim through it and you’ll get a free pack. I only got silvers in mine. But is there any other things like this?

I simmed and got nothing ?

You sure? I got my pack. What elite team you go up against?

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https://youtu.be/1oJEnED39Kk This the video I followed

95 Eagles i think, picked some 85 rated one, simed real quick got nothing :joy:

Thanks a lot, will try :slight_smile:

Can you do this multiple times or once a day ?

I only got the game today so no idea lol pretty sure it be a one off

I just wish Madden gameplay at it’s core would be modernized already. Their still using an ancient platform that still feels super robotic, and even player models don’t look realistic after all these years. It really annoys me. NFL 2K5 still has better player models and animations in some cases, and plays really smooth.

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Hey guys, I played my first madden series last year (18) and I bought 19 last week and have been playing it since. It’s been awesome, if you guys have any questions just lmk.