Who Is This Years Hedo?

As the title states. Who can I pick up and cheese the CPU with on domination and challenges? Giannis can score inside all day, but he can’t shoot like Hedo could and he can’t sauce.

I have about 230k MT as well. Only on the diamond rewards though for tokens.

Muresan… Different meta, different cheese

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We really dont have a Hedo/AK47 tier card YET but we’re getting close

Yeah, I keep this beast as a third option if the CPU decides to hit 5 or 6 Greens in a row. If this height thing keeps up Yao Ming will be a god amongst men.

Edit: for now Giannis hop step to dunk will have to do. I guess Magic at center and quick Thru STS is basically unstoppable too.

The closest thing I’ve played with this year is Amy Rudy T. Decent enough size at SF and has decent dribble package and quick shot. I haven’t played with an abundance of cards yet, but Rudy T made me think of Hedo.

I put my vote in for EVO Amythest Darrell Armstrong. He’s been destroying everyone I play in TTOnline.



Really? I’ve seen his stats and with Bron dropping I bet Luka goes down as people sell to pick up LeBron. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty curious about this diamond Bron.

Muresan 100%.

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Is Muresan really still goated? I haven’t used or faced him in a while.

Loaded up on Gold shoes that give +3 to Stamina, Speed and Strength and they’re collecting dust.

I used him against the all time Celtics and he ate Bill Russell in the paint. Post toss, change dribble hand once, drop step and weird ass animation that always goes in.

I honestly don’t want to think what a PD Yao can do in the paint. If the mechanics stay the same even a Tacko Fall can cause damage in the paint.

Edit: I run pop and Muresan is an excellent fit with the defense system.

Luka stepback is cheese

I think that they nerfed his defence

Diamons Legoat is nice but Luka my fav release

Carlo you never like LeBron in 2k lol


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Yah Luka off a middy screen is cash money cash money

wheres t-mac?

Tmac better than Roy?