Who is the closest to GOAT Kareem?

I cant afford him so who is the next best thing? I want to do all bronze and 1 good card for unlimited. Any other card out there that can go toe to toe with him? Thanks

well i mean yao is better. dino is cheap and is just as good if not better

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I see wiseman is 90k i might snag him to try


Mo Bamba!

him too

You guys saying Yao better than Kareem? Is he really?


Yao is better.

If I could sell Kareem back right now I would without blinking.


Wiseman is like a Kareem that can dribble and shoot like a guard. Kareem is just the ultimate defensive center for me now.


me too lol and i think the guy who got him on this account got him for 1.6 i could have got yao and some other beasts

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didnt realize Yao was that fast

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You should watch some MTM games. I dont even wanna talk about the shit I see Yao do.

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I have kareem, wiseman, and Dino on my team and wiseman is a way better shooter and feels smoother. I’d get wiseman.

Wiseman put a speed with ball shoe with handles and he’s a 7 foot pg

Kareem isn’t the best C in the game now ,
It’s all about preference between him , Shaq , wilt , wiseman , Dino , Eddie .
Only Yao is on the next level

Yeah I’d have to agree with everyone else, I packed Lewis when they dropped so I basically got Kareem for 200k. But this past week somethings happened to him. His shot is inconsistent now, feels normal not op

They nerfed kareem

I can’t believe In that , now there is a lot of cards to counter him .
Dino can counter him ,

They nerfed glitched shaq, now kareem and yao is nerfed soon as well.
Happened to all this exclusive and extreme overpowered cards.