Who is the bigger gamechanger pd tmac or diamond ben simmons?

Either cards would greatly improve my team. They are going for the same amount of mt so wondering which card is better.

I have not used either, but TMac looks like he is nearly end game. Ben isn’t.


Tmac is better IMO.

From someone who starts and loves both

T Mac will have more longevity and is more fun

Ben is more unique and dominant at his position at this point in the game


i’m so torn. i can only afford one. I want to dominate with ben lol. But i also know that tmac is a great card. I used all his cards in 2k19. A pure scorer.

T Mac and it’s not even close


I have Big Ben. Never used tmac but playing him is a real problem. With that said neither can guard one another so I think it depends on your team. Ben does a lot of things no other pg can do right now. Tmac is a great scorer but there are a lot of limit less range shooters that can do what tmac does minus having his size

I have both and feel like that’s way too much MT tied up in 2 cards. Which should I sell? I have solid backups for both (Baron/Shai and Kobe/PG).

TMacs driving is better than any other wing with comparable shooting stats.


@Hartje See Zack lavine

TMac is the best game-changing card in the game regardless of position imo. If you need an easy bucket and a card that checks EVERY box (All the best stats, animations, and badges on HOF), get him as he is unguardable regardless of matchup

Ben is still the best PG in the game, the only things that hinder him is he gets stripped a lot, unreliable 3 ball except in the corners, and while he has gold clamps, small PGs can do the BTB cheese to get right past him. I only use him to combat other Ben’s at this point. It’s also guaranteed for a good opponent to switch a fair matchup on him too.

Both are around the same price, and I don’t see TMac going down in price since he’s needed for Ray, so it’s an investment. Ben on the other hand is a luxury, and will go down in price once a Magic or PG Lebron drops soon. I’d say cop TMac


Tmac is better than lavine at driving, better SWB, better ball handling, 2 inches taller, and more HOF badges that help with driving and scoring.

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Whats Mac going for now?

Very much so. But he can compare or be a 2nd fiddle to a tmac. There’s no one in the game that can do what Simmons can do at the 1. The only person that gets the same animation is giannis


you’re making this hard. every time i keep leaning tmac you pull me back in with simmons… who to get. fuck

Lol that’s why i say it’s based off your team and your play style. I run my offense through my pg and center. I hate coming down and jacking shots. But if that’s your play style then Simmons is not for your team. I like to utilize his speed and get into the paint and that HOF diner is real nice. Plus he can stay in front of giannis to a point. So it’s a win win

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I have played both types of offense but last year i played a lot with tmac so i was thinking of changing things up. I would either run ben simmons + pd gilbert or pd gilbert + tmac

In what ways is tmac more fun? that’s awesome that you’re able to run both

Sounds like you want to run with Ben!
I had both and sold Ben while his value is still high…

Good points have already already made in this thread - Simmons is a beast but he doesn’t have HOF clamps, T mac does