Who is the better player right now?

Ja Morant or Jamal Murray? Note this is not a who would you rather have as a building block, simply who is the better player between the 2 right now. This is an extension of the discussion in the Top 5 teams next season thread, but I have to know what are your opinions. I got Murray

Jamal Murray…not…even…a…question…


Ya know I just cant shake this thought that Jamal Murray is just head and shoulders above Ja, and to top it off look at his bubble performances!




I think there is a chance that Ja will be a better player at some point in his career than Murray

Jamal murray. Next


Ja didn’t even make the playoffs what are we debating

I do agree that Jamal has more “potential” than Murray. But Murray is the better player right now imo

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easily, no questions asked

Right now? Jamal Murray.

Better career when it’s all said and done? I’d put my money on Ja.

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Shake: “Only THE VORK is allowed to do that.”

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Jamal Murray

Ja Morant

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If Ja Morant ever becomes as good as Murray is now Memphis would be overjoyed.

Jamal Murray and it’s not even close

Shoutout @Pedronqneves

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I don’t have said that lol
I said some people put him above , I was just saying
Doncic , Simmons , Lillard , Steph c Westbrook , trae , Kemba , Lowry
Are ahead of Murray
Edit : CP3 and Harden too

I honestly don’t know what Ja is better at besides being a more explosive athlete. I take Jamal at every other part of the game

Better question

Where does Jamal rank as a PG going forward

Murray average like 3.7 assists ?

You said Fox is possibly better than Murray lol

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