Who is the best player

For behind the screen cheese against the cpu in tto?

I am grinding for tokens and feeling like I need a new player to keep things fresh(er).

I currently use Wade for the shooter Ak and Mt Mutombo

So many options my friend.
GO Iverson
Worthy (includes post spin cheese)
Ray Allen
That’s just from the top of my head.

I think Danny Granger is best, but for a cheap alternative Kiki is very similar.

Arenas is one of my favourite players and I used him for a long while.

I don’t fancy paying top whack for anyone.

Thought about Steph… On the fence.

Go worthy and iverson are one of the three I’m grinding for the third being Wilt… But that’s another topic that has been done to death.

Thanks for the response @ZenMaster and @SNAGUP

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I use PD Durant, PD Bird and ASG Kuz for offline tt and just pull limitless threes

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The diagonal inbound pass to the 2 leading to an open limitless 3 is by far the best strategy for tt offline.

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You can even use Granger, isn’t he really cheap now?

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I just do post spin with my PG Walt Frazier. :slight_smile:

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Anybody with hof limitless

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Can you elaborate?

Dr. J imo

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In terms of non-opal players I think Larry is the best. Great all around and if you like his animations he’s so reliable. So if I had to choose one it would be him. However, there are some other cards that could be better for you if you can play well with them. Carmelo, Tmac, KD are all able to take over on offense just in different ways. I just picked up Curry and he is awesome if you don’t just chuck up stupid shots with him. He obviously can be a liability in the post but he makes up for it with steals and what not. Kind of like Curry in real life. Also Hill is great but he’s a little new for me to put him with Bird, Tmac, and KD.



Lol @ ppl who read title but not post – MJ GOAT NO CAP LEBRON TRASH

I use pd Ewing, pd Jr und pd bird.
Jr is my primary ball handler, because he has good HOF badges , can shoot and dunk.

Call Ewing for a screen, then move around the screen and either shoot, drive to the basket (Jr has HOF posterizer) or kick out to bird for a three.

Things that your primary ball handler should have:

  1. HOF Pick n roll maestro, at least gold
  2. Good dunking stats, HOF posterizer if possible
  3. At least gold dimer
  4. good 3 point shooting stats

A lot of people also like to use Kirilenko for ttoffline.
You could use pd Stockton as well. He’s OP versus the CPU and has every important badge for a point guard

Just made a post about it for everyone with a video