Who is the best player in the league right now?

lets hear it.
i say Kevin “the snake” Durant

Don’t know about now but this is the future…

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Hard to go past Corona, dominating the whole league this season.


I’m disgusted by the lack of Ben Wallace.


I decided to go future rather than past.

I like your thinking though :wink:

Whoever Ben Wallace likes


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Kevin not in the league right now my guy. Its Lebron, though Giannis is playing better

lebron james

This isnt gonna age well

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Lebron, Kawhi, Giannis.
Fools gold. Harden.

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KD if he’s back 100% healthy. If not either lebron or kawhi

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Giannis and the scary part is that he hasn’t reached his max potential yet

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Sad to say but I don’t think we’ll ever see KD back to 90% and certainly not this year. Achilles injuries are terrible.

Kevin Love…nvm LeBron James

Whomever this guy learned some new moves/skills from. He’s next lvl af now. He even got dat dance on lock :dancer:

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Kyle Lowry

Not the best, but my favorite player to watch by far is Zach Lavine.

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