Who is the best lottery player you can pull that’s not new

I seen someone pull a 98 KD, is that one of the best cards you can pull that’s old?

PD LeBron is the best card.

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Pd Bron Bron

Is this confirmed that Lebron is pullable? What PDs have people pulled in these packs besides the new three and baron Davis?

Bump. It’d be good to know if more than 10 are currently pullable, or if more are on the way because the promo says more than 10 PDs. Can anybody add to the list?

I pulled about 60 of these packs, and the best cards I got were PD Wall and Diamond Kevin Love.

Sorry for the bad pack luck, thanks for the reply though.

Am I the only one interested finding out how many of the 10+ promised PDs are currently pullable? Or is everyone as in the dark on this as I am?

It’s the throwbacks (Curry, Tmac, Penny, Dirk, Baron), the new sigs (AD, Wall, Kat), LeBron, and Harden.

I pulled a Harden myself.

I think you can add Durant and rose and remove Lebron. That’s 11. I don’t think LBJ is in these packs. His diamond seems to be stable, and there is only 1 PD Lebron up in the XB1 auction house.

That would make sense.

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Thanks for the input.