Who is the best card on the game? Best animations, release etc

Surely it’s PD mcgrady? Looking to splash all my MT

Bird, Harden,Kobe,Giannis.

I say Lebron 99 or 98 HEAT, DURANT 99 or 98, MCGRADY 99, Giannis 99, Ben simmons 99.

  1. PD giannis
  2. PD Mcgrady/Harden
  3. PD AD

Only reason pd bron and simmons aren’t there is because i hate their crossover animations.

pd Dr J

If we going off animations as in dribble,dunks and shot, it’s these two and it’s not even close



PD Lebron

TMac. Plain and simple. He’s the 2k GOAT.

AD has some of the best animations as far as dribbles, layups and dunks go. Rarely blocked and his crossover moves a lot. For shooting, PG and bird have some smooth shit. Runner ups go to Erving and MJ